Today May 9, 2021

Learn Yin yoga from the best online yoga course

Yin yoga was founded in the year 1970 by combining the posture of Hatha Yoga with Taoist yoga techniques. This is a form of Yoga that focuses mainly on passive stretches, and the pose is held for a longer duration of time which generally ranges from 3-10 minutes. Yin yoga involves minimum use of the muscles; it mainly focuses on strengthening the connective tissues.

Practicing yin yoga can be described as a comfortable discomfort, which slowly helps the practitioner stretch even further. The only thing which is essential to keep in mind is that holding the posture can be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. There are some of the basic yin yoga postures you can quickly learn from the best yoga videos online

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Yin yoga asanas;

  • Twisted Root
  • Bananasana
  • Caterpillar
  • Swan
  • Dragon variations
  • Wide-kneed Child’s Pose
  • Open Wing
  • Sphinx
  • Butterfly

There are a lot of benefits of joining top online yoga classes for yin yoga. The postures practised in yin yoga is very simple, and most of the posture are floor supported so practitioners can practise yin yoga anytime and anywhere all they need is a yoga mat. Yin yoga does not involve dynamic movement, so it does not increase your body temperature quickly. So practising in a warm environment will be beneficial.

How to practise Yin Yoga and what are the benefits?

  • Hold the posture for a longer time in comparison to traditional Yoga and slowly increase the time frame as you continue practising. Give more time to each and every posture; you can reap yin yoga benefits even more
  • Try to find stillness and balance in every posture. Only focus on your breathing while you are holding the posture. Concentrate on your breath will help you to clear out your mind and relax
  • While stretching, move slowly and gently, don’t hurry to attain a particular posture. Take your time to make the transition and then hold the position as long as you can. Yin yoga is a slow form of Yoga, and the main goal is to relax our body, so don’t rush through the process
  • Yin yoga is therapeutic, meditative, and natural; practising this Yoga regularly for 10-15 minutes balance mind, body, and soul
  • As mentioned earlier, yin yoga works on the connective tissues, which supports and tones the muscles. Practising this Yoga maintains the connective tissue’s elasticity, which keeps away the muscle pain, stiffness, limited joint and achy joints away
  • This form of yoga aids in stress, anxiety, depression. Practising this Yoga will help individuals to control their minds and thoughts. This is possible because yin yoga can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system of the human body

Yoga is a combination of asana, meditation and breathwork. Breathwork and meditation are responsible for aligning our mind and body. Deep breathing promotes better oxygen flow to the tissues, which is vital for the body as it helps in healing muscles.

Signing up for 30 minutes yin yoga class will help to pick up the habit of practicing Yoga. Embracing Yoga is a beautiful journey. Once you start practicing Yoga, it is no more a small part of your life; it slowly becomes a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will help you to live with a positive mindset day-in and day-out. Today the internet has made everything easy for, every information we need is available with just one click. If you have a good internet connection, you have all the information at your fingertips. So lookup for the best yoga class and start practicing yin yoga today.

Nathan Johnson