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Must-Know ASO Strategies For Boosting App Performance

There are various assets on your app’s product page on Google Play and Apple iTunes that can be optimized for better visibility and conversions. Several online marketing channels can also be utilized to target potential customers with updates, campaigns, and constant optimization. It is estimated that more than 65 percent of app downloads come through a direct search on the app store so the app marketing possibilities with app stores cannot be ignored. The optimizable fields and features vary across app stores, thus it is crucial for app marketers to get familiar with the algorithmic criteria of the app store you are targeting.

ASO Strategy

Below are some of the app store assets that should be commonly focused:

App Name, URL and subtitles

You have to optimize these fields by including highly relevant keywords that describe your app. The keywords that you choose should be ensured to be the ones that most of your potential customers are likely to search for on the app store. The more you optimize the keywords in the app store, the greater will be the impact on establishing, differentiating and perceiving the values of the customers. It is crucial that these keyword prone fields are optimized with keywords of the highest value based on user search behaviours.

App keyword field(s)

The keywords field in the app store product page can be included with the latest and popular user search queries. You may implement the traditional method of keyword research in order to identify the right tags for the keyword field.

App ratings and reviews

The ratings and reviews for your app can be of the significant impact the users whether to download your app or not. In order to retain a higher volume of fresh and positive reviews and ratings, you have to ensure a high-quality user-centered app. It is important to have an effective framework for gaining to buy ios reviews regular and for responding to and engaging with the reviews. Also, the Google Play Store rating is given by taking the average of overall user reviews for your app.

App downloads

The more customers you app acquires, greater will be the popularity, demand and brand value for your app. More you engage in the various app store optimization and marketing strategies there will be a higher number more significant users will get to download your app. Many app marketers consider app downloads a key goal of in their app marketing campaign, but it can also be considered as a significant strategy. The number of downloads your app has, higher will be its organic ranking in the app store.

App Updates

Your mobile app can be made the top-performing one among your significant competitors by getting through constant updates for better performance and user experience. Through every update you make you should be reflecting with frequent user feedback, technology changes, feature additions, and improvements. Frequent updates and feature additions on your app can also reflect in getting more positive user reviews.


You may schedule your app update on a regular interval in order to get your product or service more relevant to the audience. By refining and improving your app in this way you can ensure that your brand responds faster to the ever-evolving customer needs and competitive market scenarios. The algorithms of both the Google and Apple app store indexes the frequency of your app updates in order to determine the app store ranking. The more you focus on improving your app’s features and user experiences it will reflect greatly on the app ranking and conversions.


The visibility of your mobile app on the app store search results in the most important factor for boosting the conversion rate on your app. This will also have a great impact on gaining brand popularity and generating more revenues in your business. Keywords are the most important factor that impacts your app to get ranked higher on the app store. The app name, title, description and associated keyword and meta fields in your app can be optimized with keywords that are most relevant to your app and what potential customers are most likely to search. You should ensure that you invest much time researching the best keywords for revisiting optimization opportunities on a frequent basis.



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